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Victoria Marasco

Transforming Brands into High Performing Assets.

Is your marketing performing well? For accelerated growth, audit your company, find the gaps in your strategies, and assess where your company needs to re-imagine and pivot to meet the opportunities of the current market needs.

My name is Victoria Marasco, Founder and Brand Strategist of TruBrand Marketing. People come to me seeking brand building and growth strategies for their business or personal brands. Together, we identify your main campaignable asset, your Purpose and build a solid foundation of brand-led marketing strategies through a brand-building process.

  • The shift from uncertainty to clarity will propel you to move forward energized and confident.
  • The shift from ordinary into the extraordinary will imbue your core creative assets and become a powerhouse that attracts accelerated growth and impact.

Transforming businesses and elevating brands is my passion. I know the importance of creating a true identity for a brand and evolving it into a high-performing asset.

Most business owners get stuck and overwhelmed with not knowing WHO they are as a brand or HOW to market their business. Faceless brands need to include purpose-driven personal brands because people do business with people. Customers want to connect with your Purpose — your Why.

Does your branding need to be built, refreshed, or renovated? Does your faceless brand need to be energized by adding your online personal brand? Brands are narratives — never underestimate the power of a story. Impacting lives in a positive way starts with my clients’ success.

The Way Businesses Do Marketing Has Changed

Is your business brand and personal brand set up to perform well in this engagement era?

Taking Brands to Where They Need to Be

Certainty Comes from Knowing Who You Are as a Brand

Delivering Value Every Step of The Way

Impacting Lives in a Positive Way Starts with Your Success

Bringing Your Brand To Life

United on Purpose

Companies that I work with to provide the best for my clients.

Personal Brands Lead in Brand Power and Accelerated Growth

Clarify your Purpose.   Create your Brand.    Achieve Greater — Accelerate your Impact.

There is immense power in people-focused brands. Everyone is a brand.  How do you show up on Google?  You have the power to curate your online profile, create a highly successful business and make a difference in your career, company, community, society, and even the world.

How connected are you to your customers?

Emerging marketing trends point to Personal Brands attracting more market gain — P2P (person to person) marketing is the future. People care about doing business with the people they connect with on a human, emotional level.  Integrate your passion with Purpose and realize the power of your brand.

Personal Brand Strategist - Victoria Marasco

Discover your True Brand

Attention and earnestness to the brand building journey ensure success. For me, it’s about building trust and long-term relationships.  Transforming brands into high-perfoming assets starts with you taking the first step. What is your brand about?  What is your vision? What is your purpose? Let’s start working together.
  • Brand Audits
  • Discovery Sessions
  • Business Brand Development
  • Personal Brand Development
  • Branding Online Courses
  • Growth Strategies

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Take Your Brand to the Next Level

Purpose-Driven Businesses and Personal Brands Achieve Accelerated Growth