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Stefan Poetsch, COO – Layher North America
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Lisa Ferrer, Comm. Mgr. – Neighborly Care Network
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Dr. Erik Lough / Partner – Capital Surgeons Group
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Vincent Finaldi, Vice President – Telecloud

Mitch Davis, Founder – The MB Davis Group
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Jennifer Searles, CEO – Veritas Impact Partners

Brad Powell, Founder – Resonate ATX

Jennifer Searles, CEO – Veritas Impact Partners

Michael Fenster, MD – Chef Dr. Mike
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Thrive FP – Private Real Estate Investment
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Liz G. Baily – Personal Brand

Jennifer Searles - CEO Veritas Impact Partners
Jennifer Searles – Brand Building – Nonprofit
Current Client - Since 2020

You cultivate unique, authentic perspectives for businesses and personal brands. Not what we would all expect it to be, but what the world needs. You help us cultivate the diversity of our own perspectives.

Jennifer Searles
CEO – Veritas Impact Partners

Damon Finaldi - President of Telecloud
Damon Finaldi – Personal Brand
Current Client - Since 2021

I want to give a shout-out to Victoria and her team at TruBrand. They were able to create my personal website which allowed me a place to expressing my personal purpose and create content that is important to me. Victoria’s team brought me through an excellent process to identify my personal purpose and put the structure around things I would have gotten stuck on. Their work is aesthetically beautiful and functional. The design is clean. I would highly recommend Victoria and TruBrand for anyone who is looking to capture their purpose and create a digital brand that matches their vision.

Damon Finaldi
President – Telecloud

Vincent Finaldi - Personal Brand Testimonial
Vincent Finaldi – Personal Brand
Current Client - Since 2021

I run a company, so my online profile has always been industry-specific. I wasn’t tapping into my own personal beliefs and brand. They helped me develop a website and content strategy so I can talk about my passions outside of my industry.  You can lean on Victoria’s team to help you grow your personal brand.

Vincent Finaldi
Vice President – Telecloud

Thrive FP
Current Client - Since 2013

I would give a warm recommendation to TruBrand Marketing, Victoria, and her wonderful team. TruBrand has been doing all of our marketing for the past five years. We’re a private equity real estate firm. We realized one day that it was time to change our name, our branding, and all of our marketing initiatives. We wanted something more energetic, more progressive, that really reflected our company. We approached TruBrand with this branding challenge. Victoria took us on as if it were her own company. The agency gave their recommendations and she really listened to what we were saying. She wanted to make sure we were happy. TruBrand did a phenomenal job. Not only do we love our new branding and website, but the SEO strategy really works. You would be lucky to get such an amazing team that gives you 110% of their energy.

JP Newman
Founder & CEO

Cindi Boudreaux
Montecito Property Company
Previous Client - Five Years

Victoria was the client lead and my main point of contact when I was Marketing Director for Montecito. To say Montecito was a very fast-paced and demanding client is an understatement; Victoria made sure that the team always met our extremely aggressive timelines and delivered fresh creative and she paid incredible attention to quality and detail. She became a crucial extension of the Montecito team and we communicated daily. Victoria is a true professional and was an absolute joy to work with on a daily basis. With 20 sub-brands in the Montecito corporate family, the deadlines and pressure were intense. No matter what kind of unreasonable deadline was required, Victoria was the model of calm and collected while her team created, produced, and trafficked every campaign seamlessly—optimizing a $22 million dollar ad budget that translated into an enormous volume of television, radio, and print ads. I have pulled Victoria in on several other projects since first working with her and would work with her again in a heartbeat!

Cindi Boudreaux
Marketing Director

Lahyer North America
Current Client - Since 2006

As the head of a company, my schedule is quite busy. I don’t always have time to work closely on our marketing efforts, so I needed a marketing team that was experienced, capable, and self-sufficient. TruBrand understands our needs and tailors their work accordingly, managing and coordinating all of our marketing initiatives and keeping a close eye on projects and schedules. I have confidence that they’re looking out for Layher’s best interest. I’ve always appreciated TruBrand’s professionalism and clear communication. I highly recommend TruBrand for your marketing needs.

Victoria and her team have been managing Layher’s online marketing, website development and print ads since 2008. TruBrand’s provided everything from Google AdWords campaigns, SEO optimization, to website and blog updates. They redesigned our previous website to be more professional, engaging, and to really speak to our brand. We’re now experiencing a constant flow of leads from our site showing us that it really works!!

Frank Frietsch
Executive Vice President 


Current Client - Since 2019

We came to TruBrand Marketing knowing that we needed to take the next step for our company. We had done everything within our means to boost our visibility and develop our vision of the brand, but we just knew that we needed to work with marketing professionals. We wanted a high-end brand to show the superiority of our products through our website, our logo, and the entire visual design. The moment we began working with TruBrand team, they were able to walk us step by step through the branding process, ensuring we were happy with every change being made. The results have been amazing. They developed a brand-new design that fits our company better than anything we envisioned. The team has also helped us find new opportunities to grow our visibility and improve our customer journey. We’re incredibly excited to see our business grow as a result the work we’re doing with the TruBrand Marketing team. They are truly experts at everything they do and meet every need we have. Not to mention, they always respond to us in a timely manner and are genuinely excited to work with our business. We would recommend them to any business owner looking to take their business to the next level!

Mohammad Siddiqui

Thrive FP
Current Client - Since 2013

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
The team at TruBrand marketing has been a great partner for our business for years. They’ve helped us grow our firm from the very beginning – working with us to define our brand, core values, and identity. Over the years, they’ve been there for us for every event, every project, and every addition to our business. Our company would not be the same without the creative, innovative work of the TruBrand team. I highly recommend them for any marketing your business might need.

Brittany Maki 
Associate Director, Investor Relations

Current Client - Since 1998

Victoria Marasco and Caitlin Ogburn of TruBrand Marketing make a great team! Our company has been working with TruBrand (formerly V2G) for years, and they’ve helped us with many a project from website and logo redesign to yearly annual reports to headshots to PowerPoint presentation template design. They’re responsive and have a great eye for detail – you won’t be disappointed!

Laura Newby
CEO Team Admin
University of Texas Management Company

Current Client - Since 2006

When I first met Victoria and her team I knew nothing about advertising. They walked us through every step of the way. The agency did their research and homework in finding out who we are and who we needed to reach. All of the marketing strategies implemented throughout the years have been on target. They developed each and every aspect of our advertising campaign including revitalizing our brand. They developed our website, B2B and Union print collateral, tradeshow exhibit, promotional items, and online marketing recruitment campaigns. I cannot count the compliments I have received about our revitalized brand and its results.

I personally, as well as my colleagues, couldn’t be more pleased. TruBrand continues to meet all of our needs, including budgetary requirements while exceeding our expectations. I would highly recommend TruBrand Marketing.

Marvin Ragsdale
Ironworkers District Council of Texas & Mid-South States

The MB Davis Group
Current Client - Since 2019

It is very important to me that anybody who does any work for me at all—whether it’s one of my employees or a business partner— that [they] really love the project that they’re working on because it’s only when you really love the project you’re working on that you’re going to do your best work. I see that this isn’t just another drive-by gig for you guys. I appreciate your enthusiasm.

I made a leap of faith based upon a recommendation from someone I highly trust. And intuitively, I’m very comfortable with that recommendation because you guys are passionate, you guys are enthused by this project. I’m very comfortable with what I’m seeing, so just keep running with them.

I’m feeling about you the way I want my clients to feel about me.

Mitch Davis

Chef Dr. Mike
Current Client - Since 2019

What I had before was a house of cards, always falling down. I avoided sending people to my website!  Now, we built and are executing a business plan together that resonates with my message. I couldn’t put a price on our partnership. Before you and the new website, I would avoid sending people to my website. Now I can’t wait to send people there … it’s incredible. Now, I have my voice.

You have given me my voice and that’s priceless.


Mike Fenster, MD


Thrive FP
Current Client - Since 2013

Victoria is not disappointing.
Her style and her elegance, both in life and in her work has helped transform Thrive, FP.


Adrian Lufschanowski

Oilweek Magazine
Media Contact - Layher NA Account

Victoria is one of the most experienced professionals I have had the pleasure to work with. The two years I worked with TruBrand Marketing, they were responsible for the Canadian media buys for Layher North America. They are very knowledgeable and a master in their field. Most advertising agencies tends to be late in terms of sending in ad materials and not submitting the right specs. TruBrand was timely and never missed a deadline. They displayed an overwhelming passion for what they do. On this note any organization that is looking or interested in taking their marketing needs to the next level should consider Victoria Marasco and her team at TruBrand.

Sammy Isawode
Account Executive